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The Digital Bradley Smoker includes all the features of the classic smoker, along with the benefits of digital technology. The temperature, time, and smoke are now fully controllable, so you can decide how much smoke you want, how long the food will be smoked, and at what temperature. Perfect for entertainment, creating gourmet foods in your own home, or simply enjoying the aroma that smoking brings, the Digital Bradley Smoker provides an easier and better way to cook, smoke, and grill outdoors automatically.
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The Bradley Digital Food Smoker has taken the dual individually controlled heating elements from the Original Smoker and created digital control centers with some upgrades. With this model, you can set the temperatures, heating time, and amount of smoke required for consistent results every time you smoke. The automatic thermostat allows you to set the oven function to the desired temperature, and the smoke generator will automatically adjust the heat to maintain that temperature. The auto-off feature was added to make your experience more convenient, automatically stopping the smoke or heating of the wood bisquettes when the set program has ended.

The Digital Bradley Smokers are capable of both hot and cold smoking: In fact, they do a remarkable job when it comes to cold smoking, thanks to the sustainable and controllable system for smoke production. For a more advanced cold smoking experience, we recommend the cold smoke adapter.

The programmable digital display provides full control over the smoking process by setting three separate parameters:
• oven temperature: set the desired oven temperature and the smoker will try to maintain it while also indicating the current temperature inside the chamber
• cooking period: set the interval in which you want the smoker to be operational (cooking time); after the time has elapsed, the generator will automatically turn off the heating element of the smoking chamber
• smoking period: set the interval in which you want the generator to produce smoke; this is different from the heating interval

While Bradley Smokers are intended for domestic use, they are also widely used in light commercial settings. Please also check the Original Smoker for more information.

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Interior Construction

Polished Stainless Steel

Exterior Construction

Powder Epoxy Steel

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Digital Controllers

Smoke, Temperature, Time

13 reviews for Digital Food Smoker

  1. Romanian

    Laurențiu N.

    Folosesc afumatoarea digitală de peste 3 ani pentru afumarea peștelui și a preparatelor din pește (batog de somn, scrumbie afumată, pastramă de crap, cârnați din pește s.a) pentru un restaurant cu o capacitate de 150 persoane. Oaspeții apreciază calitatea și prospețimea preparatelor afumate. Pentru afumătoare folosesc biscuiții Pacific care dau o aromă și savoare de fum deosebită și prospețime. Ușor de programat, ocupă un spațiu redus în bucătarie, diverse rețete de afumare și o gamă variată de arome! O afumătoare de 5 stele! Recomand!

  2. Romanian

    Ionuț P.

    Super, recomand cu încredere ! ☺️

  3. Romanian

    Octavian T.

    Și noi folosim afumătoarea de 3 ani și suntem foarte mulțumiți de ea!

  4. Romanian

    Marian C.

    Am de 4 ani afumătoarea și sunt extrem de mulțumit! Fiabilă, ușor de întreținut. Are constanță în calitate. Noi o utilizam intensiv în secția noastră de catering. O notă în plus și pentru colaborarea cu furnizorul, care cu amabilitate și promptitudine ne livrează biscuiți. Recomand cu toată căldura aceasta afumătoare!

  5. Romanian

    Gabriela F.

    Un produs de mare ajutor atât într-o bucătărie de restaurant cât și acasă. O folosim intens de mai bine de un an și atât noi cât și oaspeții noștri sunt impresionați de multitudinea de arome și felul în care poate fi folosită aceasta afumătoare. Nu este necesar să stăpânești perfect tehnica afumării. Îți trebuie doar imaginație și poți trece la treabă. Poate fi folosită la afumarea diferitelor cărnuri (vită, porc, pui, pește, etc) dar și la afumarea fructelor sau brânzeturilor. În funcție de rezultatul dorit, se poate folosi cu fum rece sau cald, având la dispoziție o multitudine de arome.

  6. English

    Christine C.

    Very easy to install and set up – food came out perfect! Can’t wait to smoke some more!

  7. English

    Lucas A.

    Love my smoker, makes wonderful smoked foods. I had to go without it for about 5 years now, but finally got it back, and excited to start smoking again!

  8. English

    John E.

    It took minutes to assemble. We tried smoking pre seasoned chicken wings first. They were great. We are planning to try a spatchcocked chicken this weekend.

  9. English

    Sviatlana N.

    Bought this smoker with cold smoking extension. Tried cold smoking first with salmon and it came out so good! Temperature was easy to control. Wood pellets make it easy to figure out how much you need and for how long. Basically set and forget, just came back at the end to take the fish out. Can’t wait to try hot smoking. Thanks for an awesome smoker.

  10. English

    Bruce T.

    We had not planned to get the smoker until the spring, but the Black Friday price drop was too good to ignore. The plan was to take it to our trailer site and set it up there. I will say that it’s a little bigger and heavier than I thought it would be. It’s very solid and looks well made and we are looking forward to using it.

  11. English

    Daniel A.

    Received my bradley smoker. The sticker on the front was a nightmare to take off. Probably about a hour later and a thousand small pieces I was able to remove the sticker but some residue is left. Other then that everything is great. Smoked a turkey breast bone in. Took about 8 hours. The temp on the smoker seem to read higher then my thermometer. So don’t rely just on the smoker to cook.

  12. English

    Jill H.

    Easy to use and worth the money.

  13. English

    Richard D.

    This is a great smoker! We just received ours and despite the shipping company’s attempts to beat the heck out of the box, it arrived unscathed. It is VERY well packed. We set it up and ran through the seasoning process ( my only complaint being the smoker didn’t come with any bisquettes to be able to season it). We then smoked the meatloaf from the recipe in the cookbook. Excellent!

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